E-waste aka electronic waste refers to the improper disposal of information and technology assets no longer in use, which results in hazardous health conditions for communities worldwide.


E-waste management is serious business. Byproducts from electronic devices are harmful to our health and our environment when not methodically broken down, sorted and repurposed or recycled. It is not uncommon practice for a staggering number of e-recyclers to focus solely on profit while unethically and illegally disposing of electronic devices no longer in use. Such malpractitioners routinely ship your e-waste overseas to poverty-stricken communities that are not equipped to recycle these electronics safely. In the e-recycling industry, dumping our e-waste on others is an example of poor ethics. E-recycling companies are supposed to be stewards of this planet and all of the communities that live on it. Tri-Star Recycling ensures that all devices are safely and responsibly recycled, repurposed or resold, while data is securely sanitized or destroyed.

Bits and pieces of plastic from electronic waste, now safely ready to be recycled. 

Bits and pieces of plastic from electronic waste, now safely ready to be recycled. 

Although largely overlooked, the effects of e-recycling can be detrimental to our own health, as well as our environment. Numerous e-recyclers send e-waste overseas to be dumped into the communities of impoverished parts of the world. The toxins from byproducts of these devices, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium, PVC, etc. cause brain damage, kidney disease, mutations, cancers and more.

Everyday, tons of e-waste are shipped abroad to parts of China, India, Vietnam and Ghana. The targeted communities in these countries lack the proper resources and education to recycle electronics safely, much less securely (think: data security). For example, in many cases, women heat circuit boards over cold fires, while men pull out chips and pour off the solder using antiquated, hazardous acid recipes to extract gold for pennies on the dollar. Water has to be brought into these areas from outside communities because the environmental effects of improper e-waste disposal are just as detrimental to their health.

Meet the people who make a living from sorting toxic e-waste in Ghana. Source: BBC News

We have been living in the electronic age for long enough to know better, and our reliance on electronic devices increases exponentially each day. Tri-Star Recycling manages e-waste responsibly — we keep human ethics and environmental consciousness at the forefront of our mission while safely destroying all existing data from surplus electronics. Our R2-certified, state-of-the-art processing center and attentive team ensure that when your business e-recycles with us, you can do so with confidence and compassion. We do not compromise when it comes to e-waste management solutions.