Decrease your company's past or future spend on retired assets.


Asset recovery with Tri-Star Recycling means clearing up physical space at your organization, so let us do the heavy lifting and hauling for you!

If your company has surplus assets taking up precious real estate within its work environment, whether that means workspace in the office, a storage room for servers, a construction site or anywhere else pertinent to your industry, TSR is here to help clear up that physical space your company has invested in for activities not intended for storage.

We manage the logistics of asset recovery: palletizing, wrapping and secure GPS transporting.. And for all technological assets (think: e-waste + e-recycling), TSR offers premium data security services. If your company opts in, you can be sure the risk of data breach is completely eradicated through either sanitization or destruction. As the only Nashville-based R2-certified facility in the market, we are confident and credible in offering responsible e-waste solutions for organizations worldwide.