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Our data security services are backed by the highest industry standards, such as our R2 certification. All data-contained devices receive a CoD (Certificate of Destruction) that certifies the data has been eradicated or destroyed, according to client specifications. In fact, Tri-Star Recycling is the only Nashville-based, R2-certified e-recycling company in this industry. >>



Proper e-waste management means ethically recycling technology assets that otherwise cause chronic illnesses and death to exploited communities overseas. And when those byproducts infiltrate our planet's ecosystem through water, air, soil and vegetation, it comes back full circle and affects everyone's health. >>



We do all the heavy lifting and hauling! Our portfolio spans a variety of industries, such as technology firms, universities, hospitals, construction companies, auto manufacturing plants, government entities and more. Drop us a line to see how TSR can be of service to your organization. >>

What is e-Waste?

E-waste aka electronic waste

Electronic waste refers to the improper disposal of information and technology items no longer in use. Byproducts from these devices are harmful to our environment and communities worldwide when not methodically broken down, sorted and repurposed or responsibly recycled.


Tri-Star Recycling is the only Nashville-based, R2-certified electronics recycler in the industry, and we serve clients all over the world. Schedule a pickup with us today to responsibly manage your organization's e-waste and other surplus assets.


Industries We Serve

we are R2-certified recyclers serving industries, worldwide .

Tri-Star Recycling works with SMB & enterprise, medical & research laboratories, universities, K-12 schools and more.


If your company would like to donate its surplus assets to underserved communities, TSR will sanitize or destroy all existing data on electronic devices and deliver them to charitable organizations.


Asset Recovery

Decrease your company's past or future spend.

We manage the entire process of asset recovery from logistics to end-of-life decomissioning. In this process, we ensure that all data-contained electronics acquired are securely sanitized or destroyed, and any disposal of harmful byproducts are managed in an ecologically-responsible manner by our R2-certified downstream vendors.


Data security for e-recyclers is serious business. TSR holds multiple industry certifications, so you can be sure your company's electronic devices are securely wiped clean of any existing data before they are repurposed.


Data Security

Data sanitization & DESTRUCTION services

At TSR, we know that e-recycling goes beyond recycling and repurposing electronics — we offer maximum data security services for all electronic devices. This includes data sanitization and destruction.


Waste not, want not: Our mission is to contribute to a healthier planet for everybody.


Environmentally Sound

e-waste without a plan jeopardizes the health of our planet.

Tri-Star Recycling is proud to be a responsible e-waste solutions service provider. Reducing e-waste while practicing environmental consciousness is at the heart of our mission for contributing to a happier, healthier planet.


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